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My G Pen M609 related processes going wild on CPU

My G Pen M609 works fine as a mouse replacement, but it turns bad when I draw with it in Photoshop or ArtRage, or almost any other serious painting software on my Vista OS…I open up the process manager and find out that every short while svchost goes wild on CPU with several processes that have something to do with tablet drivers I guess. It takes up to 100% CPU and holds it like that for about half a minute.The processes that go wild are tabtip.exe, atwtusb.exe, wisptis.exeI’ve tried A LOT of people’s advices, but none were useful. I reinstalled the drivers several times, with all the same result. When not installed, the software does not slow down my laptop, it has a lot of CPU and RAM, but there is no pressure on the tablet pen, and it’s useless without it.When I install the drivers again, all the same happens. It runs nice for about 10 minutes of active painting in PS, and then repeats the CPU hogging every few moves.Can someone help me with this? I even tried Linux out of desperation, but it is awful with tablets…

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