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Light lamp signal

I have got a problem with a newly mounted BenQMP615P. This projetor has been donated to our school. It hasn’t been used over than six hours since 16th of April 2010. I have used similar projectors for several years. On 22nd of April 2010, when I cane to class, I switched it on and staqarted to wait. It wasn’ open for a couple minutes. When I had a look I realised that the “power” button is red and the “light” button is red. I checked the CD for the problem and ıt was written somethig written like “you have a problem with the light. Apply to service.” I have difficulty in finding a service nearby. I am from Turkey and I live in Tokat (A city in The Black Sea Region in Tukey) Could you please help me to find a nearest service to ask for hep. Also, I am really wondering if it is really possible for such a brand new projector (only used not more than six hours) to have such a disorder? Waiting for your immediate answer. Also, if there is a disoder that requires the changing of the lap, does the warranty cover the cost or not? Thanks a lot.

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