89 xt600 3aj tenere starting issues |1990 Yamaha XT 600 E

Question Product: 1990 Yamaha XT 600 E
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89 xt600 3aj tenere starting issues

I:E it won’t bloomin start!it hasn’t started in anger for over a year. so i’ve tried to remove the spark plug but can’t fit my plug socket. the gap between the plug and cylinder head isn’t parallel so i can’t fit a normal socket, is there a special tool to remove? the tool kit is missing. I’ve emptied the tank and put new fuel in. topped up the oil.charged the battery.it will turn over but when i give it a little throttle it stops turning over. it did run when i bought it nearly 18 months ago but it was introduced to the dark recesses of my garage.desperate to get it on the road for the summer as i’m selling Doris my 01 955i Daytona.

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